Interklub Comp


Much of the participation CASK receives from its membership centers around brewing competition and evaluation of beer. There’s is nothing more important to a brewer’s development than real time feedback from a beer that they’ve brewed. The CASK Interklub Competitions, held at our monthly meetings, are meant to provide brewers with valuable feedback, constructive criticism, recommendations for improvement, and recognition for well brewed beer. Brewers who have entered beers into monthly Interklub competitions will, not only be evaluated against the classic style that they have entered, but they will also receive credit for the style brewed, which is attributed toward their Brewer Rankings. Due to the limited number of judges and time before the meeting, a limit of one entry per monthly Interklub Competition per member will be imposed.

Monthly CASK Interklub Competitions also provide a learning opportunity for those interested in evaluating beer as a BJCP judge or those who are just curious about the various styles of beer. From a judging standpoint, CASK competition organizers will always pair an experienced judge with another equally or less experienced judge. It is CASK’s intent to provide experienced and qualitative feedback on all entered beers in the form of score-sheets, which contain scores & comments for aroma, appearance, flavor, mouth-feel, and overall impression.

Interklub Competition Schedule


  • January – Annual Banquet, Wort Share, Member’s Choice (King Maker)
  • February – Smoke Beers (BJCP Cat. 32, 6B, & 27) (Seven Bridges)
  • March – Meads (BJCP Cat. M1, M2, M3) (Tabula Rasa)
  • April – Haze Craze: 21B (Strings Sports Brewery)
  • May – British Invasion: 11A-C, 12A & C, 13A-C, 16A-D, 17A & B, D, 27 Historical London Brown Ale (Pinglehead)
  • June – Pilsner, Light Lager: 1A-B, 2A, 3A-B, 4A-B, 5A, 5C-D, 27 (Pre-Prohibition) (Lemonstreet)
  • July – First Coast Cup (Ruby Beach)
  • August – Kveik: 18B – 21 (Fishweir)
  • September – Oktoberfest: Festbier 4B, Marzen 6A,  Vienna 7A (King Maker)
  • October – Abbaye Normale (Aardwolf)
  • November – Mixed Culture: 28A-C (Bold City)
  • December – High ABV: Beers above 8% (Bottlenose)
  • January – Annual Banquet: People’s Choice (King Maker)
  • February 2022 – Farmhouse: Must have Spice (i.e. Juniper) and/or Fruit: 29A, 29B, or 30A: Subcategory: 24C, 25B, 27, Grisette, American Golden, Saison, Biere de Garde, Sahti (TBD)
  • March 2022 – Wave That Wheat: 1D, 10A-C, 22D, 23A & D-F, 24A, 27 (Gose, Piwo, Lichten, Roggenbier, Sahti) (TBD)


  • January – Banquet, Master Mystery Brew Off (American Legion)
  • February – Stouts (BJCP Cat. 16a-c and 20b-c) (Seven Bridges)
  • March – Fruit Beer (BJCP Cat. 29a-c) (Lemonstreet)
  • April – CANCELLED
  • May – Scottish/Irish Red Ale (BJCP Cat. 14 & 15A) Rescheduled from April
  • June – Merica Beers (BJCP Cat. 18 & 19)
  • July – FCC Cancelled: IPAs (BJCP 21A & B)
  • August – Strong American (BJCP Cat. 22)
  • September – Marzen/Festbier (BJCP Cat. 6A & 4B)
  • October – Abbaye Normale (BJCP Cat. 24, 25, 26.) (King Maker)
  • November – Clone Wars (Tabula Rasa)
  • December – Winter Seasonal & Pastry Beers (BJCP Cat. 30C & 31B) (Bold City)