Entry Guidelines

Interklub Entry Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all entrants who enter their beers in Interklub Competitions held at every CASK meeting:
  1. All klub members must be in good standing and are eligible to participate.
  2. Must submit 2 bottles
    1. Brown or Green glass
    2. 12oz or 16oz
    3. All identifying marks / labels removed from bottles and/or caps.
    4. Each bottle must have a bottle id form filled out and attached with rubber bands (no tape)
  3. All entries must conform to 2015 BJCP Guidelines to advance (Brewer Rankings).
  4. The style entered is up to the brewer to decide with the exception of entries submitted for consideration for the klub-only competitions.
  5. Repeat entries of a style previously entered, must be from a new batch/recipe (modifications to a previous recipe are accepted), will not count towards brewer rankings, but can be used for the brewer of the year and club only competitions.