Big Brew Day 2023

Big Brew Day 2023 is fast approaching on May 6th and to celebrate homebrewing, CASK is changing things up a little this year.  With attendance declining in an in-person meetup over the past couple of years, and with the growth of electric all-in-one systems, we want everyone to celebrate at home with your own Big Brew Day.  This is a perfect time to get a beer ready for First Coast Cup and should offer a better opportunity for us all to brew without needing to pack up and bring our equipment somewhere (although we’re not stopping anyone from still getting together!)  

Throughout your brew day we’d love to see everyone posting in our Facebook group, or to our Twitter page from set up through the end of your brew day.  

If you’d like to brew but don’t have any particular recipe in mind, the AHA has provided their Big Brew Recipe for “Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale” found here for this year.

For the AHA’s or your own recipe, remember to still support our local homebrew shop and pick up your supplies at JBI before Big Brew Day!

Happy Brewing and we look forward to seeing everyone posting on May 6th!

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