Abbaye Normale

Comp de L’abbaye Normale

Held annually, the Comp de L’abbaye Normale is a Belgian competition that is one of the most anticipated competitions on the brewing calendar. As this Belgian competition has evolved, we have received more and more support from the local craft breweries. This year is no different!


2023 Comp de L’abbaye Normale – Belgian Competition has garnered support from most, if not all, of the major craft brewers in the Jacksonville area. The fortunate brewer who’s beer is selected as winner of the following categories, will have the honor of working with the associated head brewer and scaling up their recipe for mass consumption and ultimate glory.  This competition will be accepting all Belgian substyles in the BJCP 2021 guidelines.  Belgian substyles that are not sponsored can be entered and will be judged against each in an open Belgian category for first, second, and third place medals. Please note the categories/breweries below:

2023 Participating Breweries:  

Note: All other Saisons that ARE sour beers will be judged in the open Belgian category

Important Dates

  • TBD

Entry Guidelines

  • 120 Total Entries
  • Entry limit per brewer will be 3 entries per brewer
  • Entry Fee: $TBD CASK Members, $TBD Non-CASK Members 
  • Only two entries are allowed per sub-category.
  • You will need to provide (3) bottles per entry.
  • An individual may only win one sponsored category. If an individual winner wins more than one category they will select their preferred brewery to brew at and the 2nd place winner in the category not selected will brew at that category’s sponsoring brewery.


  • TBD

Congratulations to our 2022 winning brewers and the associated breweries!

  • Tabula Rasa Brewing – Witbier  Winning Brewer:  Ian Dibble (CASK)
  • King Maker Brewery – Saison  Winning Brewer:  Jesse Johnson (CASK)
  • SJ Brewing – Belgian Pale Ale  Winning Brewer:  Rick Terrio (CASK)
  • Legacy Ale Works – Belgian Blonde Ale Winning Brewer:  Clint Shannon (Brewers Anonymous)
  • Ink Factory – Belgian Golden Strong   Winning Brewer:  Michael Carver (CASK)
  • Aardwolf Brewing – Belgian Dubbel   Winning Brewer:  Kevin True (Hogtown)