Sour Heads

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Lambic Solera Project

Two and a half years ago, a few “Sour Heads” in the Klub formulated an idea to create a solara in which three varying aged Lambics would be blended and distributed to those who participated. There are 9 brewers involved, who currently have one 50 gallon barrel of 20-month-old Lambic, one 50 gallon barrel of year-old Lambic and one 50 gallon barrel of just brewed Lambic. Once aged, they will pull off small amounts of each barrel, blend and distribute the resulting Gueuze to the participating brewers. There will be a copius amount of this Gueuze available for all to sample once it is distributed. If you get a chance, you should definitely give it a taste!

UPDATE: The Sour Heads have pulled their first Gueuze from the barrels on 10/6/13.

BEG, PLEAD, and/or DEMAND a taste! This stuff is AWESOME!!!!