June CASK Meeting

Please join us this Saturday, June 10th at Flying Fish Taphouse for this month’s CASK meeting. The Interklub Competition this month is International & European Lagers: Amber & Dark (BJCP Cat. 2B, 2C, 3C, 3D, 4C, 6, 7A, & 8).  If you haven’t registered your entry yet, click here. If you would like to help judge entries, please arrive at 5pm.  Social hour will be from 6-7pm with our business meeting from 7-8pm. We hope to see you there! 

Flying Fish Taphouse to open in North Jacksonville | Jax Daily Record

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3rd Annual Murray Hill Pub Crawl

What an amazing afternoon for our 3rd Annual Murray Hill Pub Crawl! The weather was amazing, the beer was delicious, and the turn out was over the top!

Thank you to The Stout Snug, Buchner’s Bierhalle, The Flamingo, Perfect Rack Billiards, Town Beer Company, and Fishweir Brewing Company for hosting each stop along the pub crawl this afternoon, and lastly to all of the participants that came out to help support CASK. We can’t wait to put on next year’s event!

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Hogtown Brew-Off 2023

Great job CASK!!! We took home a total of 22 medals and took second place in Heavy Medals. Congratulations to each of our medalists!!!

Bill McDowell: Silver (Standard American Beer), Bronze (Pale Bitter European Lager)
Jeff Curtis: Gold (International Lager), Silver (American Amber/Brown Ale)
Rick Terrio: Gold (Czech Lager), Silver (Smoked/Wood Aged Beer)
Mike Lentz: Bronze (Pale Malty European Lager), Silver (Strong Belgian Ale)
Jesse Johnson: Gold (Pale Bitter European Beer), Gold (Dark European Lager)
Ryan Anderson: Gold (Amber Malty European Beer), Silver (Amber Bitter European Beer), Bronze BOS (Rauchbier)
James Parrish: Gold (Amber Bitter European Beer)
Ed Stansel: Gold (Irish Beer)
Marshall Crews: Bronze (Dark British Ale)
Jamie Parrish: Silver (American Porter/Stout)
Ian Dibble: Gold (Strong Belgian Ale)
Ryan Wilmot: Bronze (Fruit Beer)
Randall Meredith: Bronze (Spiced Beer)
Lukasz Kluz: Gold (Fruit Mead), Silver (Traditional Mead), Bronze (Specialty Mead)
Ryan Anderson, Lukasz Kluz, Jesse Johnson: Bronze Heavy Medal (tied w/ others)
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May’s Upcoming CASK Events

Saturday, May 13th: Monthly CASK Meeting at Tepeyolot Cerveceria

  • Thank you Tepeyolot Cerveceria’s for hosting our May CASK meeting! It was a good turnout this evening and our judges had their work cut out as the Smoked Beer scores in tonight’s Interklub Competition were tight!
    Congratulations to the Medalists!!!
    Gold: Jesse Johnson (Rauchbier)
    Silver: Rick Terrio w/ Fay (English Porter w/ Rye & smoked cherrywood)
    Bronze: Ryan Anderson w/ Therese Farmer Anderson (Rauchbier)
    Honorable Mention: Fay Terrio w/ Rick (English Porter w/ smoked cherrywood)

First Coast Cup Hotel Reservation

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Hurricane Blowoff 2023

Congratulations CASK medalists who entered into the Hurricane Blowoff Competition! We held our own and earned 3rd place for Heavy Medal.
1) Rick Terrio w/ Fay Terrio: Bronze (Czech Amber Lager)
2.) Bob Hull: Gold (Kolsch), Silver (Weissbier)
3.) Jesse Johnson: Silver (German Helles Exportbier), Silver (Belgian Tripel)
4.) Ian Dibble: Bronze (Kolsch)
5.) Chris Bak: Gold (Vienna Lager), Silver (Dark Mild)
6.) Alex McTammany: Gold (Oatmeal Stout), Silver (Hazy IPA)
7.) Jeff Curtis: Bronze (American Amber Ale)
8.)John Peterson: Silver (Alternative Sugar Beer)
9.) Lukasz Kluz: Gold (Sweet Mead), Silver (Experimental Mead), BOS Bronze (Sweet Mead)
For a full list of the competition medalists click: Hurricane Blowoff 2023 Medalists
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Big Brew Day 2023

Big Brew Day 2023 is fast approaching on May 6th and to celebrate homebrewing, CASK is changing things up a little this year.  With attendance declining in an in-person meetup over the past couple of years, and with the growth of electric all-in-one systems, we want everyone to celebrate at home with your own Big Brew Day.  This is a perfect time to get a beer ready for First Coast Cup and should offer a better opportunity for us all to brew without needing to pack up and bring our equipment somewhere (although we’re not stopping anyone from still getting together!)  

Throughout your brew day we’d love to see everyone posting in our Facebook group, or to our Twitter page from set up through the end of your brew day.  

If you’d like to brew but don’t have any particular recipe in mind, the AHA has provided their Big Brew Recipe for “Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale” found here for this year.

For the AHA’s or your own recipe, remember to still support our local homebrew shop and pick up your supplies at JBI before Big Brew Day!

Happy Brewing and we look forward to seeing everyone posting on May 6th!

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April’s Pop-Up Happy Hour

Looking for plans this week? Join us for Happy Hour at Reve Brewing Company Wednesday, April 26th starting at 5:30pm. ~ Cheers!

May be an image of drink and text that says 'REVE BREWING CO'

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2023 Barrel Project

It was finally time to rack CASK’s Barrel Aged Tripel! Thank you John Keane and Fishweir Brewing Co. for participating with this project. Come and try it at this year’s First Coast Cup!

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April CASK Meeting

Bold City Brewery (@boldcitybrewery) / Twitter

Thank you Bold City Brewery for hosting CASK’s April Club Meeting this evening! We enjoyed everyone’s company and our judges had the privilege of tasting many great German Wheat Beers. 

Congratulations to our Interklub Medalists!!!

  • Gold: Rick Terrio (Dunkles Weissbier)
  • Silver: Ian Dibble (Strawberry-Kiwi Berliner Weisse)
  • Bronze: Pete Danish (Weissebier)
  • Honorable Mention: Ken Jordan (Berliner Weisse)


Reminders & Upcoming Events!!!

  • April Pop Up: Wednesday, April 26th @ Reve
  • May CASK Meeting: Saturday, May 13th @ Tepeyolot
  • Interklub: Smoked Beers Are Back Baby! (BJCP Cat. 6B, 27-Lichtenhainer, 27-Piwo Grodziskie & 32)
  • Murray Hill Pub Crawl
  • Sunday, May 28th; more details forthcomingFCC
  • ​Start thinking about your beers for competition and for your accommodations.  It’s early but we’ll start planning meetings before too long!
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Important Competition Dates

1.) Hurricane Blowoff Competition entries need to be at JBI by 5pm this Thursday, March 30th

2.) Hogtown Brew-off (Entries open until 4/28, bottles due to JBI by May 2nd)

3.) Hot & Humid (Entries open up 4/15)

4.) Upcoming Interklub Competitions:
*April (German Wheat Beer BJCP Cat 10 & 23A)
*May (Smoked Beers – BJCP Cat 6B & 32)
*June (Intl & European Lagers: Amber/Dark.
BJCP Cat 2B, 2C, 3C, 3D, 4C, 6, 7A, & 8)

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