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As our klub continues to grow, so do the entries for our monthly klub-only competitions. We have a growing list of active judges, both BJCP and non-BJCP, but we need more! You’d be surprised by how much formal judge training can improve the beer you brew. You’ll learn how to identify subtle off-flavors and aromas, know what causes them, and know how to fix them in the future. Homebrew competitions around the country are experiencing rapid growth, and available judges are stretched thin – every new judge helps. Judging at competitions is fun – meet new people, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow brewers and beer enthusiasts, sample some great beer, and cheer your fellow CASK members as they win awards.

There are currently over 4000 active members in the Beer Judge Certification Program, and interest is at an all-time high. Because of the overwhelming interest, the process for entering and advancing in the BJCP program recently underwent some dramatic revisions. You can find lots of useful information by exploring the website .

In the past, every new judge had to take a grueling, 10 essay question, four-beer tasting, three-hour exam. The exam covered many aspects of beer styles and history, beer ingredients, brewing techniques, beer flaws, etc. Your BCJP rank was determined by a weighted average of your written and tasting scores on the exam. Formal entry into the BJCP now requires you to take a 6-beer taste-only exam. This new format focuses more on training judges to excel at judging in competitions. To qualify for the new tasting exam, however, you must now pass an online multiple-choice/true-false exam. This exam is 200 questions covering similar material as the old written test (beer styles, beer faults, brewing techniques and ingredients, etc.). It’s timed at 60 minutes and requires serious preparation! If you pass the online test, you can register for the tasting exam. Your score on this exam determines your rank in the program. Higher scores on the tasting exam allow you to register for the new (shorter) written exam needed for advancement to the higher BJCP ranks.

Help your Klub and help your beer – become a BJCP judge!

The documents below provide details of the new exam system and how to get involved in the program.

BJCP Entrance Exam

BJCP Exam Structure

2015 Style Guidelines

BJCP Study Guide

Judge Procedure Manual

Mastering the BJCP Exam

Style Presentation

Off-Flavor Flashcards

How to Judge Beer

Scoresheet Examples