Barrel Projects

CASK Barrel Project

As the name suggests, CASK has an affinity for wood aged- beers. To-date the Klub has produced three fantastic bourbon barrel-aged beers: a Russian Imperial Stout, a Strong Scotch Ale, Belgian Dark Strong and a Weizenbock. These Barrel Projects are open to CASK members, however their beer must score well enough to get into the barrel. During the most recent Weizenbock project, we had sixteen brewers trying to get their beers into the barrel. With most of the brewers in attendance, the beers were scored blindly and the top beers went into the barrel. After at least six months of aging, the wood-aged barrel beers were distributed back to the brewers. There is a small amount of these beers that the Klub holds in reserve for CASK tastings and/or competitions.

We are currently in the planning stage of our 2015/2016. Stay tuned for brew dates.

2014 – Marshall’s Mess (Old Ale)

2013 – Ole Woody

2011 – Weizenbock

2009 – Belgian Dark Strong

2008 – Strong Scotch Ale

2007 – Russian Imperial Stout