Member Info

Members of CASK are offered access to a great variety of beer related klub and non-klub activities. These activities are meant to facilitate education about beer styles and the brewing process, promote the enjoyment of beer, and provide an environment for social interaction and camaraderie.

Many of the activities CASK offers its members centers around brewing and competition. Each year CASK tracks the performance and participation of its members and awards those who stand out with Brewer of the Year, Member of the Year and Medal of the Year recognition. CASK also tracks the number of major beer styles each member enters into competition and assigns them a Brewer Ranking based on their achievement.

In addition to the monthly interklub competitions, CASK has partnered with Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery, Green Room Brewing, Intuition Ale Works, Engine 15, Aardwolf, Brewer’s Pizza, Zeta, and Bold City Brewery to offer special competitions in which the winning brewer’s recipe is scaled up, brewed and served at the respective establishments.

One of the most popular CASK activities is Big Brew. Held on the first Saturday in May, this event is highly anticipated and brings together all levels of brewers who brew together in a social setting. The information sharing and great homebrew alone, is definitely worth your attendance.

Other CASK activities of note include the Barrel Projects, BJCP Judge Exam Preparation, Pub Crawls, Beer/Food Pairings, Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day and participation in local city-wide Beer Events.