July Meeting Next Saturday, July 14th

Join us this Saturday at Aardwolf for our July Interklub Meeting.

Because there is no Interklub the meeting starts at 6pm.  Mike Lentz will be doing a special presentation on brewing with Kveik, which is a strain of yeast from Norway that has a wide temperature range and is gaining popularity.  David Poquette will also be doing a stewarding class for those who would like to steward at First Coast Cup.

We will be judging First Coast Cup entries that morning starting at 11am at Intuition on Bay St. We will also be judging again on Sunday at 11am. As a bonus whoever beats me there Saturday can use my amazing mechanical pencil that stays sharp and doesn’t break the lead 12 times while you judge. I forgot it today and it should be in the judging box. We had a low turnout on judges today. We really need to see better turn out.


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