Master Brew Challenge

Sharpen your mash paddles and refine your skills it’s MASTER BREWER 2018.

November 3rd 10am – finish

Sign up by 10/29 to reserve your spot on a team!

Teams will be challenged to create the best beer possible from mystery ingredients. The winner will be decided by popular vote at a keg competition during our end of the year banquet in January.

Each team will be assembled via a top secret draft that will pair experienced and newer brewers with a team captain who will bring their brewing equipment to the group brew day on November 3 (AHA learn to brew day)

Teams will receive a 10# bag of 2-row, 1oz of bittering hops and 2oz of flavor/aroma type hops. You will also receive a fistful of tickets which you canspend on unidentified ingredients that will be in .5 pound increments or 1oz increments in the case of hops. The mystery ingredients will be in the following categories Crystal Malts, Adjuncts, Roasted Malts, hops, and a Mystery Adjunct Grab Bag. 

It will be up to the team to chooses how to spend their tickets, identify what their ingredients are and craft a winning recipe from them. 

All brewing will be done as a group brew at Just Brew It. No additional ingredient beyond what you choose may be added to the beer.

This event is free to CASK Members do to the generous sponsorship of Just Brew It.

IN ORDER TO SIGN UP RESPOND TO THIS EVENT ON FACEBOOK or sign up here. If you are willing to bring your equipment for the brew day let us know when you sign up.

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