Congrats to all of our Coconut Cup medalists

Congrats to all the Coconut Cup medalists and all who entered!

By the categories:

Mitch Nicholas 3rd – standard American beer
John Keane 1st – standard American beer
Richard Ten Hulzen 3rd – standard malty European lager
Lucas Kluz 2nd – Scottish ale
Matthew Britton 3rd – dark British beer
Mike Lentz 2nd – dark British beer
John Lane 1st – European sour ale
Mike Murphy 3rd – historical beer
Matthew Britton 3rd – American wild ale
John Keane 3rd – spiced beer
John Keane 3rd – smoked beer
Jesse Johnson 3rd – alternative fermentable beer
Lucas Kluz 2nd – traditional mead
Lucas Kluz 2nd – specialty mead

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