Wort Share at Legacy Brewing in Mandarin

On April 4th, Legacy brewing will be hosting a wort share for CASK.  The cost is $25 per brewer. Each brewer will receive 7 to 7 ½ gallons of Maris Otter base brew.  Matt has not yet shared the OG of the wort he plans to brew, but we can get that as the date approaches.

They can accommodate about 28 brewers in 2 shifts.  The first shift of 14 brewers will be able to pick up wort and begin brewing about 9AM.  They have lots of covered space behind the brewery and will be able to accommodate a few electric brew setups (110v).  Onsite brewers will have priority for the 1st wort run at 9AM. 

If you would like to pick up your wort to take somewhere else to brew, you may pick it up at 9AM if there are spaces available (i.e. not taken by onsite brewers). Once all the wort available at 9AM has been dispersed, they will begin another batch that should be ready by around 11AM. We will only ask them to undertake the 2nd batch if we have enough participants – they will decide based on how much wort will be left over.

Legacy will brew a beer from the same base malt.  We will have a Pros vs Joes mini competition at Legacy, who will be hosting the May meeting. This will give us about 5 weeks to produce a good beer.

The cutoff date for signing up is the CASK meeting on March 14th at Lemonstreet Brewery.

Bob Hull will be collecting payment for the wort share in person.

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