Coconut Cup

The Coconut Cup opens tomorrow!

Reminder: The first FL Circuit Competition, Coconut Cup, opens  Tues on 2/1. Comp is capped at 400 entries and entries need to be in Miami by Friday 2/18. That means the CASK Railroad drop-off deadline at JBI will likely be Friday 2/11. If you or anyone you know is heading down to Miami the weekend on the Feb 12th or the following week before the end of Friday 2/18 please let me know. Once the Railroad driver has been set we will send out a firm drop-off deadline at JBI.

Important Dates

  • Entry Window Opens: Tuesday, Feb 1
  • Entry Window Closes: Thursday, Feb 17
  • Railroad date: TBD
  • Competition: March 18 – 19, 2022

Entry Guidelines

  • 400 Total Entries
  • Entry limit per brewer will be 4 entries per brewer. If the cap is not reached after the first week of registration, the per brewer entry limit will be increased to 6.
  •  Entry Fee: First 2 entries for active CASK members are paid for by CASK. Any additional entries are $8/entry.
  • Only two entries are allowed per sub-category.
  • You will need to provide (3) bottles per entry.
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