Hogtown Brew-Off 2023

Great job CASK!!! We took home a total of 22 medals and took second place in Heavy Medals. Congratulations to each of our medalists!!!

Bill McDowell: Silver (Standard American Beer), Bronze (Pale Bitter European Lager)
Jeff Curtis: Gold (International Lager), Silver (American Amber/Brown Ale)
Rick Terrio: Gold (Czech Lager), Silver (Smoked/Wood Aged Beer)
Mike Lentz: Bronze (Pale Malty European Lager), Silver (Strong Belgian Ale)
Jesse Johnson: Gold (Pale Bitter European Beer), Gold (Dark European Lager)
Ryan Anderson: Gold (Amber Malty European Beer), Silver (Amber Bitter European Beer), Bronze BOS (Rauchbier)
James Parrish: Gold (Amber Bitter European Beer)
Ed Stansel: Gold (Irish Beer)
Marshall Crews: Bronze (Dark British Ale)
Jamie Parrish: Silver (American Porter/Stout)
Ian Dibble: Gold (Strong Belgian Ale)
Ryan Wilmot: Bronze (Fruit Beer)
Randall Meredith: Bronze (Spiced Beer)
Lukasz Kluz: Gold (Fruit Mead), Silver (Traditional Mead), Bronze (Specialty Mead)
Ryan Anderson, Lukasz Kluz, Jesse Johnson: Bronze Heavy Medal (tied w/ others)
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