First Coast Cup Competition A Huge Success!

What a fantastic First Coast Cup Competition weekend!!! The amount of involvement from local and out of town participants reached impressive levels the likes we haven’t seen in years. CASK squeaked out a First Place finish with a total of 56 points. Brewer’s Anonymous took 2nd Place with 52 points, and Hogtown won 3rd Place with 25 points.  Thank you to every volunteer and company that helped make this year’s event so successful!
Congratulation to each of our FCC CASK Medalists!!!
1.) Alex McTammany: Gold (Cream Ale), Gold (Alternative Grain Beer), Silver BOS (Cream Ale), Tied 2nd Place Heavy Medal Winner (8pts)
2.) Randall Merideth: Silver (Cream Ale), Gold (Weizenbock), Bronze BOS (Weizenbock)
3.) Jesse Johnson: Gold (International Amber Lager), Gold (German Helles Exportbier), Gold (Dunkles Bock), Silver (Schwarzbier) 1st Place Heavy Medal WInner (11pts)
4.) Jeff Curtis: Silver (Czech Dark Lager)
5.) Mike Lentz: Gold (Helles Bock), Silver (American Stout)
6.) Ryan Anderson w/ Therese Anderson: Silver (Munich Helles), Bronze (Rauchbier), Silver (Vienna Lager)
7.) Chris Bak: Bronze (Altbier)
8.) Shaun Newman: Bronze (English Porter)
9.) Todd Lawrence: Silver (Gose)
10.) Bob Hull: Silver (Belgian Single)
11.) Ian Dibble: Silver (Specialty Smoked Beer: Gotlandstricka)
12.) Lukasz Kluz: Silver (Sweet Mead), Gold (Berry Mead), Gold (Experimental Mead), Tied 2nd Place Heavy Medal Winner (8pts)
13.) Ken Jordan: Bronze (Berry Mead)
14.) Chris Dibble: Bronze (Spice, Herb, Vegetable Mead)
15.) Rick Terrio w/ Fay Terrio: Bronze (Ice Cider)
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