September CASK Meeting

It was was fantastic evening for a brew meeting! Thank you Legacy Ale Works for hosting our September CASK Meeting. The Officers had a wonderful time helping brew Kokua’s “Maui Strong” Session IPA available Friday, October 6th and proceeds will go towards helping the Maui Fire Victims.
Tonight’s Interklub Competition was Octoberfest Beers! Congratulations to each of our medalists!!!
Gold: Rick Terrio (Festbier)
Silver: Ryan Anderson (Marzen)
Bronze: Jesse Johnson (Festbier)
Honorable Mention: Todd Lawrence (Festbier)
Reminders & Upcoming Events:
1.) Sunshine Challenge award ceremony is next Saturday, September 16th. Check out social media for the video link; we’ll share as soon as we know it! 
2.) Comp de L’abbaye Normale is coming up soon! There are still entries open, so get your best Belgians ready and take a look at our website for rules and to see which breweries are sponsoring which categories this year.
3.) Best Florida Beer entries open up September 18th for the final Florida Circuit competition of the year. Currently they have a cap of 4 entries per person and each entry is $11. Let’s make sure to get in as many as we can for one final end of the year push. Brewer’s Anonymous has all but locked up the Cup this year, but we can’t let them coast to the win! Homebrewer of the year is still up for grabs!
4.) Come to this week’s meeting to find out the details on December’s Interklub Competition and meeting. The officers have something special cooked up (no pun intended.. or maybe it is intended.. come out to find out!) and we’ll share the details via email and social meeting after the meeting!

5.) Don’t forget that even though the Florida circuit comes to a close soon, CASK still has Interklub Competitions planned out a few months. January will be our annual banquet, but February and March Interklubs are already defined and ready for you to start planning them out to get your 2024 Interklub points going strong!
*February (2024) – Meads (BJCP Cat. M1, M2, M3)
*March (2024) – Wild and Sour (BJCP Cat. 23B thru G, 27-Lichtenhainer, 28, & X4A)
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