CASK under Quarantine!

Hello CASK and friends! We know things are a bit tough right now, and without social interaction (and beer consumption!) Our lives feel a little dull.

So, to help lift spirits, we’d like to  request everyone to post a video to our Facebook group, CASK Members, showing something they are doing with brewing (kegging, bottling, brewing, drinking), this way we get to see people with their happy faces doing what they enjoy doing, keeping it limited to 5 minutes.

 As a bonus, we ask anyone who wants to submit a training/classroom video we’d give member points for their participation and effort, just like a real meeting. Examples could yeast harvesting from your favorite beer, or starting a sour beer, building an inexpensive means of controlling fermentation temperature, etc. We ask this to be at least 10 minutes long and try to keep it under 15 to 20 minutes.

Make your videos as fun as possible. Get the whole household involved if you gotta.

Don’t have Facebook but still want to participate? Email Angela the Social Media Guru at, and she can set you up for sharing some content on the website. Likewise, if you have some great photos of quarantine brews in progress, or other brewing-related fun, send them her way to get spotlighted on our social media accounts!

Stay safe, everyone!

CASK Officers

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