Introducing the Social Distance Bottle Swap!

Here are the rules for the upcoming bottle swap.  

  • CASK Bottle Swap starts Saturday, 5/9, at 12 Noon at Just Brew It and will be ongoing as long as there is continued participation.
  • All BJCP Categories for Beer, Mead, and Cider will be accepted.
  • Only 12 oz bottles or smaller Mead bottles will be accepted.
  • Each bottle deposited will be exchanged for a bottle in the Swap Bank.
  • Bottles received from the Swap Bank will be chosen by JBI staff and selected based on FIFO inventory management (First-In First-Out).
  • Up to 2 bottles of the same homebrew can be deposited to keep a good variety in the Swap Bank.
  • Please label each bottle being deposited with your Name, BJCP Category and any Notes to describe the beverage.  If you’d like feedback please include your Email on the label.   BottleSwapLabels.xlsx
  • Feedback is encouraged, including questions, but not required for bottles you receive from the Swap Bank.

So next time you are picking up ingredients at Just Brew It bring some of your homebrew and swap it and let’s have fun with this!

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