Best Florida Beer Competition

The last Florida Circuit Competition concluded this past weekend with Best Florida Beer. Brewers Anonymous came in first place with 62 points, CASK was second place with 41 points, and Pinellas was third place with 27 points. CASK will officially take a second place finish in the cup standings behind Brewers Anonymous.

Congratulations to all of the CASK Medalists:

  • Jeff Curtis: Gold (American Amber Ale); Silver (International Amber Lager)
  • Rick Terrio w/ Fay Terrio: Silver (Eisbock); Bronze (Czech Amber Lager)
  • Jesse Johnson: Gold (Festbier); Gold (Vienna Lager); Silver (Saison); Second Place Heavy Medal Winner (8 Points)
  • Bob Hull: Silver (German Leichtbier), Silver (Specialty Smoked Beer)
  • Alex McTammany: Bronze (Scottish Export); Bronze (Best Bitter)
  • Ed Stansel: Gold (Sweet Stout); Bronze (Experimental Mead)
  • Fay Terrio w/ Erik Terrio: Gold (Specialty IPA – Rye); Fay Terrio w/ Rick Terrio: Gold (Witbier)
  • Lukas Kluz: Silver (Berry Mead); Silver (Historical Mead)
  • Ryan Anderson w/ Therese Farmer Anderson: Gold (New World Cider)
  • Ian Dibble: Silver (New World Cider)

For a full list of the medalists click here!

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