Start Planning your NHC Recipes

NHC application enrollment is coming up. The application window opens January 22nd and first round shipping starts March 1st.  To enter you have to be an AHA member and submit an application to enter. If accepted you will be able to enter during the first two weeks of February. First round judging is in late March to early April. 

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Join us at Southern Swells

Come out to Southern Swells this Saturday December 8th for our club meeting. Our interklub competition is Seasonal Beers.  Don’t forget to wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater. The meeting starts at 7pm. Social hour is at 6pm. If you are entering the homebrew competition have your entries there by 5pm or at Just Brew It by Friday and please register online.

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Comp de L’abbaye Normale at Aardwolf

Join us at Aardwolf this Saturday, November 17th for our November club meeting and our annual Belgian competition.  The meeting starts at 6pm. Final judging for Abbey Normal begins at 2pm. If you are a BJCP judge or an experienced judge please come early to help judge some great Belgian beers.

We will also start taking nominations for next year’s CASK officers at the meeting.

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V for Victory is Sunday 11/4

Don’t forget to come out to V Pizza’s Tap Garden in Mandarin tomorrow and vote for your favorite home brew. It starts at 1pm and there will also be local breweries participating. An entry fee of $10 gets you a tasting cup and unlimited samples.

Additional details can be found here.

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Master Brew Challenge

Sharpen your mash paddles and refine your skills it’s MASTER BREWER 2018.

November 3rd 10am – finish

Sign up by 10/29 to reserve your spot on a team!

Teams will be challenged to create the best beer possible from mystery ingredients. The winner will be decided by popular vote at a keg competition during our end of the year banquet in January.

Each team will be assembled via a top secret draft that will pair experienced and newer brewers with a team captain who will bring their brewing equipment to the group brew day on November 3 (AHA learn to brew day)

Teams will receive a 10# bag of 2-row, 1oz of bittering hops and 2oz of flavor/aroma type hops. You will also receive a fistful of tickets which you canspend on unidentified ingredients that will be in .5 pound increments or 1oz increments in the case of hops. The mystery ingredients will be in the following categories Crystal Malts, Adjuncts, Roasted Malts, hops, and a Mystery Adjunct Grab Bag. 

It will be up to the team to chooses how to spend their tickets, identify what their ingredients are and craft a winning recipe from them. 

All brewing will be done as a group brew at Just Brew It. No additional ingredient beyond what you choose may be added to the beer.

This event is free to CASK Members do to the generous sponsorship of Just Brew It.

IN ORDER TO SIGN UP RESPOND TO THIS EVENT ON FACEBOOK or sign up here. If you are willing to bring your equipment for the brew day let us know when you sign up.

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Abbey Normal Update

I’ve updated the Abbey Normal page with the Reggie link and dates. I am unsure of the prejudging and final location but wanted to get the link out so people can start entering.

Update: Dates have changed. Please see the link above. We have moved the date back a week. 

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August Meeting at Pinglehead in Orange Park

Join us Saturday, August 11th at Brewer’s Pizza for our August meeting. Interklub is Session Beers. Please bring them chilled to the meeting by 5pm or drop them off at Just Brew It by close of business Friday. Social hour starts at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm. If you can judge we can use your help at 5pm.  See you there!

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First Coast Cup is Here

First Coast Cup starts tomorrow. There are still tickets available for the awards banquet Saturday. You can get your tickets here.

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Abbaye Normale in November

Abbey Normal will be in November this year. Here are the participating sponsor breweries we have so far. If you win gold for these categories you get to brew your beer at that brewery.

  • Bold City  –  Belgian Blond Ale
  • Main & Six  –  Trappist Single
  • Green Room  –  Belgian Dubbel
  • Southern Swells  –  Belgian Tripel
  • Engine 15  –  Belgian Quad

Remember, this is a club members only competition.  More updates will be sent out as more breweries are added and as we get closer to the date.

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July Meeting Next Saturday, July 14th

Join us this Saturday at Aardwolf for our July Interklub Meeting.

Because there is no Interklub the meeting starts at 6pm.  Mike Lentz will be doing a special presentation on brewing with Kveik, which is a strain of yeast from Norway that has a wide temperature range and is gaining popularity.  David Poquette will also be doing a stewarding class for those who would like to steward at First Coast Cup.

We will be judging First Coast Cup entries that morning starting at 11am at Intuition on Bay St. We will also be judging again on Sunday at 11am. As a bonus whoever beats me there Saturday can use my amazing mechanical pencil that stays sharp and doesn’t break the lead 12 times while you judge. I forgot it today and it should be in the judging box. We had a low turnout on judges today. We really need to see better turn out.


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