Next CASK Meeting...

CASK’s April meeting will be held at Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery, May 10th.....
The Interklub Competition style is Extreme IBU's (>80 IBUs).... Judging begins at 5pm, Social Hour - 6pm, Meeting 7pm.....Enter online....Don't forget to draw an ingredient for August's “Iron Chef Brew-off” - you can also register online to participate and be assigned a random ingredient.

What's Firkin Going On....

April 19th - Green Room “Wort-Share” Brewday - 4/19 (Setup at 9am, wort ready by 11:30am)
Eric Luman, head brewer at Green Room Brewery, has offered CASK a unique competition opportunity. He will be providing a base malt unhopped wort that members will be required to use as part of their recipe for June's Interklub Competition. The cost for the wort is $15 / 5-gal (100% Pilsner base w/ OG 1.048).

Members can either brew at Green Room or pick up their wort and complete their brew at home. What are you going to do with your wort??? Brew a Belgian Stout? Perhaps an Imperial IPA? ........BE CREATIVE!!!

Big Brew, National Homebrew Day, May 3rd: CASK will be meeting for a group brew at 10 a.m. in front of Intuition Ale Works. Burners on at 10 a.m. You can brew what you want, but official recipes – a Pale Ale, Imperial Stout and Schwarzbier-- are posted on the AHA website:

UPDATE: We have registered the Klub for this event on the AHA website. There is a link to RSVP on the event page and it will create an email that gets sent to the secretary's website. This will be helpful to get a headcount for the event. Please click the following link to RSVP:

Iron Chef Brew-Off - August 2014 Interklub Competition
Random selection of ingredients is underway. There are assignments left to be had and can be chosen at the May meeting at Seven Bridges or you can contact the Secretary for ingredient assignment. Please see curren assigments by clicking the following link: Iron Chef Brew-Off Ingredient Assignments

2014 Comp de L'abbaye Normale - (Klub Member Only) Belgian Competition (October - 2014)
This year's Belgian Competition has garnered support from most, if not all, of the major craft brewers in the Jacksonville area. The fortunate brewer who's beer is selected as winner of the following categories, will have the honor of working with the associated head brewer and scaling up their recipe for mass consumption and ultimate glory. Please note the categories/breweries below:

Green Room Brewery - Dubbel
Intuition Ale Works - Belgian Pale Ale
Engine 15 - Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Aardwolf - Non-traditional Saison (*see note below)
Bold City Brewery - Session Belgian Pale Ale
Pinglehead Brewing Company - Belgian Dark Strong
Seven Bridges - Belgian Double IPA
Zeta - Belgian Wit

Hurricane Blowoff - The Palm Beach Draughtsmen
Congratulations to the following CASK Brewers for medaling. Great Showing!

Ed Stansel - Best of Show Mead
Jesse Johnson - Bronze - Light Lager
David Poquette - Bronze - Light Hybrid
Raimund Seifart - Gold - Amber Hybrid
Dave Lemaire - Bronze - Scottish & Irish Ales
Jeff Shannon - Bronze - Porter
Jesse Johnson - Silver - Stout
Mark Slater - Bronze - German Wheat & Rye
Ken Jordan - Silver - Belgian & French Ale
David Poquette - Bronze - Fruit Beer
Jesse Johnson - Bronze - Spice, Herb & Vegetable Beer
Scott Whisler - Silver - Smoke & Wood-Aged Beer
Ed Stansel - Gold - Traditional Mead

Hogtown Brew-off - Hogtown Brewers
The 2014 Hogtown Brew-Off will be held again at the beautiful Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Kanapaha will be the site of judging Friday and Saturday, the Wild Boar Keg Competition Saturday afternoon, and the gala awards banquet Saturday night.
May 23-24, 2014

Entry Window: April 28th - May 10th (Competition capped at 400 entries)


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