Upcoming CASK Events!!!

*Pop-Up Happy Hour hosted by Lemonstreet Brewing Company Wednesday, October 23rd beginning at 5:30 pm.


*Master Mystery Brew Off hosted by JBI Saturday, November 2nd (8:00 am – ?)

This is CASK’s event for AHAs Learn To Homebrew Day. Teams of brewers will brew their best, most interesting beer using standard base ingredients and a choice of “mystery” ingredients. JBI is providing base malt, some specialty grains, and a choice of dry yeast. Bittering hops will also be provided. Club members are providing a variety of other ingredients (think dry peanut extract, honey, grain adjuncts, fruit purees, dollarweed (?), etc, etc.). Teams will have tickets that will determine their order in choice of specialty ingredients. You cannot bring or buy other ingredients – use just what is provided. The finished beers will be served at the Club’s annual banquet in January. A people’s choice award will be given to the best beer!


*2nd Annual Home-Brew Competition hosted by V Pizza Mandarin Tap Garden Sunday, November 3rd. Judging is from 10:00 – 12:00 pm and festival is 12:00 – 3:00 pm. This will be V Pizza’s second year hosting this event for charity.  The event is two in one – a homebrew competition and a beer festival.  The CASK Club can participate in two ways:

  1. V Pizza needs judges for the home brew comp portion of the event / looking for eight to ten judges DO NOT NEED TO BE CERTIFIED (Mike Lentz runs this portion) / this would run from 10am-12pm
  2. CASK is welcome to set up a tent for the festival portion and sample our homebrews draught and or package.  Our tent would only need about three sixtels of product.  Ideally it would be great if a member would take lead on setting this up / I can assist 12pm-3pm

This event was a huge success last year and a lot of fun.

Please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know if you are interested in judging, festival or both.

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October’s Meeting & Comp de L’Abbaye Normale

Thank you Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery for hosting CASK’s annual Comp de L’Abbaye Normale today! We judged a lot of great Belgian beers today, and are proud that the gold medalists of each sponsored style will have the opportunity to brew and have their beer on tap for the public to enjoy as well!

Congratulations to each of our Medalists!!!

Best of Show:
Gold – Dave Lemaire (Belgian Dark Strong)
Silver – Jesse Johnson (Witbier)
Bronze – Jesse Johnson (Trappist Single)

Trappist Single (Main & Six):
Gold – Jesse Johnson
Silver – Leandro Britto
Bronze – Ian Dibble

Belgian Dark Strong (Fishweir):
Gold – Dave Lemaire
Silver – Dave Lemaire
Bronze- Ryan Anderson

Saison (Tabula Rasa):
Gold- Richard Ten Hulzen
Silver – Joe Gilfus
Bronze – Jesse Johnson

Trappist Dubbel (Legacy):
Gold – Mike Lentz
Silver – David Poquette
Bronze – Ryan Anderson

Belgian Witbier (Bottlenose):
Gold – Jesse Johnson
Silver – Richard Ten Hulzen
Bronze – Chris Dibble

Non-Sponsored Belgian Ales:
Gold – Joe Gilfus (Belgian Tripel)

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Congratulations to our Commander Saaz Medalists!

  • Ian Dibble: Gold (Kolsch)
  • Richard Ten Hulzen: Gold (Marzen); Silver: Best of Show (Marzen)
  • Matthew Britton: Silver (Dark Mild)
  • Eric Lievers: Gold (Scottish Export); Gold: (American IPA)
  • Mike Lentz: Bronze (Saison); Silver: (Spiced/Herb/Vegetable)
  • Jesse Johnson: Silver (Trappist Single)

For a list of all medal winners click HERE!

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September’s Meeting

What a great evening at we had at our September Club Meeting! It was great seeing so much socializing between CASK members Saturday night. Thank you Beer 30 for hosting our meeting this month and also thank you to those members that came out early to help judge our Interklub Competition.

Congratulations Clone War Winners!!!

  • Gold: Joe Gilfus – Karmeliet Tripel
  • Silver: Chris Dibble – Sam Adams Octoberfest
  • Bronze: Ian Dibble – Angry Orchard Apple Cider

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August Club Meeting

Thank you to the members that braved the storm and were able to join us at Brewer’s Pizza for our August meeting and also to the gracious hospitality that the Brewer’s Pizza staff provided to help make this another successful CASK event.

Congratulations to our Interklub Sour Beer Competition Winners!

Gold: Bob Hull (Sour Blond Ale)
Silver: Bill McDowell (Key Lime Gose)
Bronze: Chris Dibble co-brewer Ian Dibble (Lemongrass Gose)

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2019 First Coast Cup Medalists!

Thank you so much to everyone that had a hand in helping make CASK’s 2019 First Coast Cup a successful competition. We could not have made this happen without each and every one of you that played a role. Congratulations to all of the medal winners and CASK appreciates your participation. ~Cheers!

CASK’s Medalists:

Gus Vallarini/co-brewer Bill McDowell: Gold (Standard American Beer); Jesse Johnson Gold (Pale Bitter European Beer), Gold (Trappist Ale), Bronze (Strong Belgian Ale); Bob Hull Silver (Pale Bitter European Beer), Silver (American Wild Ale); Jeff Shannon Gold (Dark European Lager); Matthew Britton Silver (Brown British Beer); Leandro Britto Bronze (Strong American Ale); Joe Gilfus Silver (Belgian Ale); Chris Dibble Bronze (Spiced Beer); Ed Stansel Bronze (Fruit Mead); Dave Lemaire Silver (Big Wood); John Keane Bronze (Dark British Beer), Gold (Big Wood); Eric Lievers Gold (Scottish Ale), Silver (Strong American Ale), Gold (Historical Beer), Gold (Best of Show), tied 1st for Heavy Medal Winner!

To view the full list of First Coast Cup medalists, Click Here!

Pro’s vs. Joe’s Keg Competition Medalists

Pro’s: Main & Six (gold), Infinite (silver), Southern Swells (bronze)

Joe’s: Ron Minkoff (gold), David Poquette (silver), Shaun Newman (bronze)

Overall: David Poquette (gold)

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July CASK Meeting

Wow! Incredible turn out Saturday for FCC judging and our monthly meeting. We were generously hosted by Intuition Ale Works and appreciate them working with us and providing a great space for our club. Thank you everyone that came and helped out pulling entries and judging beer.

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Sunshine Challenge Competition Winners

CASK would like to thank all of our members that participated in this year’s Sunshine Challenge Competition in Orlando. Congratulations to the following medalists from this event!

Jason Click: Gold (American Light Lager); Rick Terrio: Silver (Czech Dark Lager); Richard Ten Hulzen: Silver (Amber Malty Euro Lager), Gold (German Wheat); Mike Murphy: Bronze (Dark Euro Lager),Gold (British Bitter), Bronze (British Bitter); Eric Lievers: Silver (Scottish Ale), Gold (IPA); Matt Britton: Bronze (Amber/Brown American Ale)

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June’s Club Meeting

Thank you CASK members that were able to attend our June meeting at Atlantic Beach Brewing Company. We appreciate everyone that helped judge our Reve Wort Share Interklub Competition and congratulations to our winners! Our next month’s club meeting will be hosted by Intuition Ale Works. We hope to see you there!

Congratulations Reve Wort Share Winners!!!

Gold: Robert and Jennifer Hull (German Pilsner)

Silver: Jesse Johnson (Schwarzbier)

Bronze: Scott Peden (New England IPA)

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Hogtown Competition Winners

CASK had a strong showing at the Hogtown Competition winning Silver as a club. Thank you to everyone that entered and congratulations to the following medalists!

Jason Click: (Gold) Pale/Amber Euro Lager; (Bronze) Amber Bitter Euro Beer Eric Lievers: (Gold) Irish/Scottish Ale Ian Dibble: (Bronze) Trappist Ale David Ankrom: (Silver) Specialty Cider/Perry Jeff Shannon: (Bronze) Dark Euro Lager Leandro Britto: (Bronze) Standard Cider/Perry Matt Britton: (Gold) Pale/Amber American Ale Bob Haavisto: (Silver) Irish/Scottish Ale Jesse Johnson: (Gold) Trappist Ale; (Gold) Intl. Czech Lager; (Bronze) BOS

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